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Negri R340 Wood Chipper Mulcher
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The R340 Chipper mulcher or (bio-shredder) is a large-sized machine, specifically designed for professional users.

180mm diameter maximum and 25 – 30 m³/h capacity.

Inside the hopper, is an hydraulic feeding roller and a steel conveyor belt, whose speed and rotation direction can be adjusted through the external control handle. The use of the roller and the conveyor belt enables the operator to shred large amounts of green waste, thus making the loading of small-dimension material such as leaves and hedge cuttings much easier.

All versions are provided with a No-stress system, which automatically regulates the feeding speed on the base of the shredding stress. The Nostress device allows the operator to choose between two pre-set programs and it is equipped with the new SHC system (Saving Hydraulic Coupling), which stops the engine in case of obstruction of the shredding group, this way protecting the transmission.

The cutting system composed of 40 mobile hardened steel hammers can shred different kinds of green waste with a maximum diameter of 180 mm. It can also mulch pallets.

The shredded material is refined through a fix removable refining screen and it is then discharged by a 270° rotary, 2.500/2.600 mm high ejection pipe with adjustable throw depth.

Options include PTO or trailer versions with Kubota or Lombardini diesel 50 hp engines.

All diesel versions are equipped with a homologated street carriage with adjustable drawbar, while the tractor version is equipped with a homologated street carriage for low tow.

R500 Models also available, with 180mm diameter maximum and 25 – 40 m³/h capacity.

Engine/power options:

  • Diesel Lombardini LDW2204 hp50
  • Diesel Kubota V2403 hp50
  • PTO Tractor Min hp 60 (kW 44)

Basic Equipment:

  • Rotor with 40 mobile reversible hammers in hardened steel
  • Fix removable refining screen
  • Hydraulic roller and steel feeding conveyor with adjustable speed and rotation
  • 270° rotary ejection pipe, 2500 mm from the ground, with adjustable throw depth Belt transmission with hydrodynamic joint
  • Large and comfortable hopper with feed height 720 mm from the ground
  • Centralized system for bearings’ lubrication
  • No-stress device with SHC system
  • Electric start


Ø To shred180 mm
Production capacity25 – 30 m³/h
Length3895 mm (PTO)
4880 mm (Trailer)
Width1725 mm (PTO)
1600 mm (Trailer)
Height2500 mm
Feeding Height820 mm (PTO)
Feed opening1360 – 880 mm
Blades No.2
Counter Blades No.1
Hammer Blades40
Weight1100 kg (PTO)
1500 kg (Trailer)