Chipstar specialise in commercial and domestic wood chippers, European-made PTO wood chippers, mulchers and composting solutions.


PTO Mulcher – small

A solution for the serious gardener or the hobby farmer

vortex woodchipper


Australian made Wood Chippers for Arborists and Contractors


Trailer Mounted woodchippers and PTO chippers for Specialist Applications, Forestry, Professionals Gardeners and Farmers and Hobby Farmers. Manufactured in Denmark with great attention to detail and high quality standards.

Negri – Great Products Made in Italy

Mobile, Trailer & PTO wood chipper mulchers for Landscapers, Farmers, Hobby Farmers & Domestic Gardeners


Small Mulchers / Chippers

The right mulcher for the job - small and portable

Manual Composters

Manual composters for Gardeners, Schools and Hobby Farmers

Industrial Composting

Large volume fully automated composters

Wood Chipper Service

Melbourne and Greater Melbourne Suburbs

Fence Chipping

Melbourne and Greater Melbourne Suburbs