Wood Chippers

Here at Chipstar we manufacture and import high quality wood chipper machines, including PTO wood chippers, for purposes ranging from agriculture and land management at scale to the home garden. Our focus is on machines that are of high quality with an emphasis on usability, engineering excellence and innovation, value for money and ongoing technical support when needed.

Chipstar Vortex Chipper - click image for product page

Tree Chipper

If you need a professional standard chipper that needs to be able to meet the demands of specialist applications, like forestry, then we have large machines available that have been designed and manufactured with great attention to detail and utility. Some example of these are the Chipstar models that we design and manufacture ourselves and the Linddana range from Denmark.


Chipstar Range
Linddana Range
Negri Range

Chipstar Models

Our Chipstar models include the Vortex 6” Drum (pictured, top) which features a 105 square inches at the mouth, which is 45 square inches more than offered by the nearest competitor. It also boasts increased a unique “vortex” action with increasing throwing capacity and reduced dust and fine chips coming back at the operator. The state of the art kill-switch activating sensors, nudge bar, hose encasings and multiple other safety features make it one of the safest machines available on the market.

Further, the Vortex is super easy to handle and operate. An automatic clutch means you just need to turn the key without having to pull levers or tighten belts or anything else, and with moving parts, no pads to replace when they wear out. This machine only weighs 900 kg, with a sizeable jockey wheels, so lovely and easy to move about. It has hydraulic brakes so you any car can tow it due to these features. It has a fold-down outfeed chute which is easy to lower for storing in the shed and also to swing around to face your trailer or wood chip pile. Variable roller speed for performance flexibility and ease. Takes gnarly hardwoods easily with its wide mouth and powerful in-feed rollers. It’s a great tree chipper that uses technological innovation for superior, professional results.

Garden Chipper

Alternatively, just looking for something to reduce the effort and cost around keeping your garden tidy? Then one of our small imported garden wood chippers will not only do the job well, but delight you with their quality, ease of use and reliability.

Our small garden chippers, including the imported Italian Negri range, make sense for hobby farmers and gardeners because the machines are light and easy to transport, either in a vehicle or in a trailer, or by hand about the yard. For example, these smaller machines will fit down the side of most houses or units, through most doorways, in a modest tool shed and even into the back of hatchback sedan or similar.

Our garden chippers have been designed with simplicity and utility in mind, and will give you many years of gardening enjoyment. Chipstar are not a part of the throwaway culture but rather promote and develop engineering solutions that are built tough to last. Your only problem will be what to do with all that time that you used to spend burning off or going to the tip. Perhaps you can spend it enjoying the green patch that used to bear the scars of your annual burn off!

Wood Chipper For Sale

We have many wood chippers for sale and, if you care about quality, ease of use and value for money, then we are confident you will find the model that is right for your needs somewhere on our website. Please browse the machines on offer and do get in contact with us with any questions or to place an order. We look forward to helping you get the perfect wood chipper for your unique use requirements.