R640 Bioshredder

The Negri R640 towable bio-shredder, designed for very big quantities of dry and dump vegetable material, is perfect for professional and contract markets.

Negri R640 towable bio-shredder

Thanks to its high-output capacity and to the loading, which can be easily done by means of a power fork, the R640 bio-shredder, designed for working very big quantities of both dry and dump vegetable material, is a machine able to satisfy any need connected with professional and contract markets.

Its cutting system composed of a rotor with reversible mobile hammers is able to thinly shred different kinds of vegetable waste with a maximum diameter of 200 mm, which is introduced with the help of a hydraulic feeding roller and a hydraulic steel feeding conveyor belt.

The Nostress device makes the use of the machine easier for the operator and allows the gradual introduction of the vegetable material, this way avoiding any rotor’s overloads. The functioning controls of this bio-shredder can be activated by both a control unit placed on the machine and a remote radio control, which can be carried by the operator.

The R640 diesel version’s total weight of 3.500 kg allows you to tow this machine with vehicles with a full load equal to or lower than 3.500 kg, like Iveco Daily, Mercedes Sprinter, etc. Therefore, in order to displace the machine, trucks with C driving license are not required.

All versions are manufactured according to the safety systems in compliance with the current European standards.

Engine/Motive power:
Diesel Kohler KDI2504TCR hp75
Basic Equipment:
Rotor with 68 mobile reversible hammers in hardened steel Fix removable refining screen Hydraulic feeding conveyor belt in steel with adjustable speed and rotation direction Belt transmission with hydrodynamic joint Hydraulic feeding conveyor belt in steel with adjustable speed and rotation direction Hydraulic discharge conveyor belt in rubber, with discharge height at 3090 mm from the ground System for bearings’ lubrication Nostress device (with SHC system) Electric start Remote radio control for the activation of the operating controls Homologated street carriage (adjustable drawbar with ball joint)

Engine/Motive power Kohler KDI2504TCR
Power hp 75 (kW 55)
Ø To shred * 200 mm
Production * 40/60 m³/h
Length 7415/9050 mm
Width 2015 mm
Total height 3270/3090 mm
Introduction height 1650 mm
Introduction opening 1500 x∞x 3300 mm
Feeding hopper length 3300 mm
Shredding opening 640 x 1050 mm
Feeding conveyor belt width 640 mm
Discharge height 3090 mm
Hammers No. 68
Hammers’ life * 50 h
Weight 3500 kg
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