Linddana TP 230 PTO


If you need to process large 230mm wood into chips for either cart-hauling or roadside deposit, the TP 230 PTO is suited to your needs.


  • processes organics up to 230mm in diameter
  • hydraulically fed disc chipper
  • 90 degree funnel for cart or roadside deposit
  • 45 degree cuts allow misshaped and crooked tress can be processed problem-free
  • automatic feeding â„…TP Pilot Stress Control System
  • 3 type A silver breakers
  • Trailer Road Ready
  • Two anvils in Hardox 400


The TP 230 PTO is ready for the road, attach to a trailer and go! Perfectly matched for depositing processed chips either directly into a cart, or on the roadside.

Technical Data
Max Wood Diameter 230mm
Max Opening H x W = 230 x 240mm
Operation Return/forward/stop of feed rollers through operating bar (yellow)
Stress Control System TP 100 Automatic feeding
Chipper Principle Disc
Cutting Angle 45 degrees
Hopper Placement 90 Degrees to the side
In Feed 2 hydraulic feed rollers, spring compressed of 1 spring 8mm
Feed Rollers Horizontal
Rotordisc – Diameter 760mm
Rotordisc – Weight in kg 149
Number of Knives 3pcs.
Chip Size 12-19mm
Anvil/Counter Steel 1 Horizontal and 1 Vertical
Power Required 37-90kw (50-120hp)
PTO RPM 540 rpm or 1,000rpm/min.
PTO Shaft Walterscheid 2400 series with freewheel, length = 560mm
3-Point Linkage Category 2
Chip Capacity 10-15 m³/hour (Experience numbers by manual operation)
Max allowable pressure on coupling 500 kg
Weight 990 kg
Tool Kit Yes
Extra Equipment
Extended Ejector Spout 500 mm vertical 1,500 mm horizontal
Silverbreakers Type B – are used if extra requirements for chip quality is needed. Opening max. 35×40 mm
TP Winch For wood feeding – the winch is towed by the wood chippers hydraulic system
Light Bar Light bar with complete set of rear lights


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