GTS1300 PTO Mulcher/Chipper

GTM Professional woodchipper GTS1300 with PTO fitted with 50mm ball connects to all brands of tractor up to 45hp with Cat 1 connections.

mulchers-gts1300 pto chipper mulcher for sale

Quick and efficient due to the chipping system: a rotor with 2 blades, mounted on a metal drum, one counter blade mounted on the chassis, and ejection through a high output. The system pulls branches up to 10 cm (4”) over the entire width to the inside, after which these are effortlessly shredded into fine woodchips.

The chipped material is ideal for use as mulch, compost or ramial chipped wood.


New GTS woodchippers are the fastest, smartest and most compact in the market!
1. Fastest and most effective drum cutting system: the cutting system consists of a rotating metal drum on which 2 very sharp massive, double ground PRO blades are mounted, that chip the wood on the counter blade that is mounted on the chassis, resulting in a very high working speed/capacity with reusable woodchips.

2. Smartest input: the angle of the hopper and the angle of the blade mechanism pull, and process, the branches inside the machine without mechanical feed, resulting in a very light machine having a very high working speed/capacity.




 Technical Specifications | Model GTS1300PTO
 Min. power tractor  15 hp / 11 kW
 Max. power tractor  45 hp / 33 kW
 Mechanism  drum chipper
 Max. ø branches  10 cm
 Safety Items  panic bar
 Dimensions L x W x H  90 x 106 x 155 cm
 Gross weight  210 kg
 Input height  110 cm
 Input dimensions  34 x 42 cm
 Turnable output  yes
 Output height  155 cm
 Deflector  85º adjustable

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