The right mulcher for the job - small and portable

Mulcher / Chipper (Small)

Our mulchers meet a wide variety of customer needs and market demands. Accordingly, as well as larger models, we also offer a range of small mulcher / chippers ideal for light and occasional duty.

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Garden Mulcher Benefits

Small mulchers have many benefits: Obviously, they cost less to purchase and run. They are are more manoeuvrable, lighter, one person can easily move it about the garden. They are easier to transport, fitting onto any trailer or even into the back of a van. They will fit through any garden gate, through standard house doors or down the side path of most houses.

Mulcher For Sale

One of the great things about having your own mulcher is that rather than burning off - which creates smoke and leaves unsightly scarring on the ground - or paying to dispose of at a transfer station, with a leaf mulcher you can turn garden green waste into mulch which can be spread on your garden beds - or even given away free as it has value to gardeners! Meanwhile, a tree mulcher will save you a lot of space and headaches.

The range includes:

If you're looking for a hardcore tree mulcher, then the models featured here may not be for you, try our larger woodchippers for sale instead, but if you are only concerned with dealing with hedge trimmings, prunings and small branches with a diameter under 70mm, then small garden mulchers featured above will do the job nicely.

Operating Garden Mulchers

Modern mulching machines are easy to operate and come with a variety of features designed to make them easier and safer to use. And of course, because we here at Chipstar are the experts in these technologies, we are happy to demonstrate their use and service the machines which will last you a very long time indeed.

We create and import the perfect mini wood chipper for your needs; built tough to last, so you know when you come to us you will come away with a solution that will be up to the challenges you bring to your mulching machine.

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