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Negri R255 Wood Chipper Mulcher
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The R255 Chipper mulcher or (bio-shredder) is a medium size machine suitable for a professional use.

100mm diameter maximum and 10 m³/h capacity.

R255 is equipped with a multifunctional cutting system formed by a special rotor with 20 mobile core hardened steel hammers, 2 fixed steel blades bolted to the edge of the rotor and 2 paddles inside the rotor for ejecting the minced material.

Inside the hopper housing there is a hydraulic speed controlled feeding roller with adjustable speed. It carries any kind of vegetable waste (both tough and fibrous, such as palms, pines, linden, etc…) to the cutting group, up to a maximum diameter of 10 cm (maximum diameter of 9 cm for the version with IGX 440 engine). The shredded material is expelled through a 2,125 m high discharge pipe, which can be turned of 270°. The vertical angle of the discharge pipe can be also adjusted to define how far the shredded material can be blown. An adjustable screen with vertical bars, refining the output, determines the measures of the shredded material.

In all diesel and petrol versions the transmission system is formed by a fluid coupling clutch to with three belts which convey the motion from engine to rotor even under hard conditions. In the version for tractor the transmission system consists of a gearbox connected to the cutting system by means of pulleys and belts.

Options include mobile, PTO or trailer versions with petrol 15, 20hp or diesel 19 hp engines.

Engine/power options:

  • Petrol HONDA HP21 IGX440
  • PTO Tractor Min 20 hp (kw 14,7) @ 540 rpm

Basic Equipment:

  • 2 knives & 20 hammers
  • 2 steel blades
  • Hydraulic feeding roller with speed regulation
  • Refining screen 270°
  • Adjustable discharge pipe and 2285 mm high
  • Belts transmission with clutch
  • Centralized system of lubrication for bearings
  • No-stress device
  • Large hopper positioned at 73 cm from the ground


  • Turnable pipe extension of 40 cm


Ø To shred90 mm (Mobile/Trailer)
100 mm (PTO)
Production capacity8 m³/h (Mobile/Trailer)
10 m³/h (PTO)
Length3100 mm (Mobile)
1260 mm (PTO) 3100 mm (Trailer)
Width1400 mm (Mobile)
2345 mm (PTO)
1400 mm (Trailer)
Height2285 mm (Mobile)
2125 mm (PTO)
2285 mm (Trailer)
Feeding Height730 mm
Feed opening1100 – 1200 mm (Mobile/PTO/Trailer)
Blades No.2
Hammer Blades20
Weight460 kg (Mobile/Trailer)
420 kg (PTO)