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Negri R185 Wood Chipper Mulcher – Road Towable
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The R185 Wood Chipper mulcher or (bio-shredder) is a compact machine with a variety of options lends itself both to a private and semi-professional use. Road towable – one of a kind.

100mm diameter maximum and 5 – 6 m³/h capacity.

The shredding group is formed by a disc with 2 blades at the front which pre-cut the material and by 10 mobile hammers at the back which refine the material. The shredding width can be further reduced by applying a mobile sieve.

The 4 back blades guarantee the perfect expulsion of the material which goes through a 1.7 m high discharge pipe which can be turned 270° and it is possible to adjust its discharge distance. This cutting system enables you to obtain a very fine material which can also be used for heating systems for minced material.

With a hydraulic feeding roller and 13 hp petrol engine.

Engine/power options:

  • HONDA GX390 13hp 9.6 KW

Basic Equipment:

  • Rotor with 2 front steel blades
  • + 1 adjustable steel counter blade
  • 10 refining steel hammers Adjustable refining screen
  • 1700 mm high 270° adjustable discharge pipe
  • Hydraulic roller with adjustable speed options


  • Turnable pipe extension of 40 cm


Ø To shred100 mm
Production capacity5 to 6 m³/h
Feed opening700 x 750 mm
Blades No.2
Counter Blades No.1
Hammer Blades10
Weight400 kg