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Linddana TP 320 PTO K Wood Chipper
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TP 320 PTO is a 320 mm wood chipper where the funnel is parallel with the roadside


  • Powerful crane funnel
  • 2 hydraulic driven feed rollers with aggressive teeth and knives
  • Control unit and TP PILOT K for operating from the tractor house
  • Rotor disc with 4 knives, placed in pairs
  • The integrated crane support is a strong part of the main construction
  • The PTO axel is equipped with a wide angle
  • The powerful v-belt system between the PTO and main axel minimises vibrations during operation

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The TP 320 PTO is ideal for row chipping in forests and well suited for many other purposes, such as road clearing and production of biomass, due to the chippers large capacity and compact design.

The chipper is standard equipped with a long ejector spout over the tractor, so wood chips can be collected by a trailer pulled in front. The spout can be delivered with a hydraulic turn system, enabling/allowing minor/simple adjustments to the outlet direction.

Technical Data
Max Wood Diameter 320mm Versatile work area and capacity
Opening H x W 320 x 340 mm Rectangular opening for better in feed of trees with i.e. side branches
Chipper Type Disc High wood chip quality
Chipping angle 30 degrees Large capacity and powerful in feed
Funnel Position Inline Parallel to road side – ideal for row felling
Number of Knives 4 (2 cuts per rotation) Placed in pairs to ensure a more effective and economical chipping
Wood Chip Size 12-30mm
(for hardwood max.20mm)
For the production of both small and large wood chip. The size of the wood chip means a higher capacity (measured in m3/hr)
Knife Setting 10 – 25 mm
(for hardwood trees max. 15 mm)
Easily carried out using a knife setting gauge
Rotor disc diameter 1.050 mm Powerful ejection of material and high efficiency
Rotor disc weight434 kg Strong chipping force
Capacity 45-100 m3/hr Based on average working conditions
Feed rollers 2 vertical The ideal solution when chipping trees and branches
Compression of feed rollers Hydraulic Powerful in feed
Hydraulic system Integrated Ensures the most powerful and stable in feed
Hydraulic pump Variable piston pump Adds extra pressure and effect to the in feed system
Extra boost on the feed roller compression +50% Extra added power to the in feed system, manually controlled via the joysticks
Opening of the feed roller HydraulicAn advantage when feeding very gnarled material or several branches at the same time
Anvil horizontal 1 reversible Higher chip quality and more economical
Anvil vertical 1 reversible Higher chip quality and more economical
Longlife protection of rotor housing Replaceable wearing plate Prolongs the lifetime of the machine
Crane support Integrated Giving the optimal placement of the crane
3-point linkage cat.3 Standard category for tractor attachment
Ejector spout Long, over the tractor Safe and easy collection of wood chip, i.e. into high tip dumper
Connection between PTO shaft and main axle V-belt system Minimises vibration, protecting the tractors gearbox
PTO shaft included Options: 1 3/8 – 21, 1 3/8 – 6, 1 3/4 – 20 and 1 3/4 – 6
Power requirement, hp 130 – 250 Several tractor size options
Power requirement, kW 95 – 184 Several tractor size options
Weight without crane 2500 kg
Weight with Mowi P30 3108 kg
Weight with Mowi 400 3368 kg