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GTM Professional GTS 1300 Advanced Mulcher/Chipper
GTM Professional GTS 1300 Advanced Mulcher Chipper

GTS1300 Advanced Mulcher/Chipper

Compact and powerful woodchipper for gardening companies, public councils, plantations and property owners.

Quick and efficient due to the chipping system: a rotor with 2 blades, mounted on a metal drum, one counter blade mounted on the chassis, and ejection through a high output. The system pulls branches up to 10 cm (4”) over the entire width to the inside, after which these are effortlessly shredded into fine woodchips.

The chipped material is ideal for use as mulch, compost or ramial chipped wood.

Standard Features


  • Safety: complies with the strictest safety standards. In addition the new GTS1300 Advanced is TUV certified and complies with NEN-EN 13525+A2 Forestry Machines – Woodchippers – Safety as the only gravity fed woodchipper
  • Durable: PRO blades that are made from a special alloy have a double lifespan compared to a standard blade
  • High output: woodchips are ejected high and due to a detector the chips go straight into a trailer/wheelbarrow. There is no need to pick up the chips from the ground
  • Maneuverability: light weight, and perfectly balanced so one person can handle/move around the machine (optional tow bar for ride-on mowers or quad bike)
  • High efficiency: drum chippers beat any other type of woodchipper by far on working speed
  • Easy maintenance: very few wearing parts: two blades (2 cutting edges each, so can be turned) and 2 driving belts, nothing more!
  • Compact: Fits any trailer, even fits any (mini) van. Passes any garden gate or house door (narrow access chipper)
  • Local technical support and personal service

Preventive maintenance

As part of your preventive maintenance plan we recommend that you include a set of spare PRO blades and a spare v-belt in your purchase order. When you are out in the eld chipping wood, you do not want to lose time and money chasing parts to keep your unit operational.

New GTS woodchippers are the fastest, smartest and most compact in the market!

  • Fastest and most effective drum cutting system: the cutting system consists of a rotating metal drum on which 2 very sharp massive, double ground PRO blades are mounted, that chip the wood on the counter blade that is mounted on the chassis, resulting in a very high working speed/capacity with reusable woodchips.
  • Smartest input: the angle of the hopper and the angle of the blade mechanism pull, and process, the branches inside the machine without mechanical feed, resulting in a very light machine having a very high working speed/capacity.
  • Most compact: the machine is only 150 cm (59”) long, thanks to the engine being placed underneath the hopper. It’s also narrower than 80 cm (32”), which makes the chippers the most compact in their league, capable of passing any garden gate – or even standard home interior doors.
Technical Specifications | Model GTS1300 Advanced
Ø branches10 cm / 4″
Input height115 cm / 45.3″
Input dimensions34 x 42 cm / 13.4 x 16.5″
Output height140 cm / 55.1″
Output direction140 cm / 55.1″
Deflector85° adjustable
Safety itemspanic bar, safety switches, rotor blocking system
Diameter wheels40 cm / 15.7″
Wheelson ball bearings
Transmissiondouble V-Belts
Pro bladestandard
Dimensions (l x w x h)150 x 78 x 160 cm
59 x 30.7 x 63"
Weight198 kg
Motor typeB&S 2100 Series
Displacement420 cc
Max. performance hp / kW13,5 / 9,8