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Commercial Composting

In Europe and Japan, industrial scale composting is more often the norm in large scale shopping complexes, apartment blocks, schools and Government offices.

There is a relatively simple reason for this. Basically there is no landfill or landfill sites available for disposal of such materials in European cities.

Kollvik Biocomp Commercial Composter

Consequently, new innovative and sustainable methodologies have been developed to provide bio-systems that compost waste on site – cleanly, efficiently and safely.

Chipstar now offers the Kollvik Biocomp Industrial Composting System, a superb commercial composter system right here in Australia.

The Biocomp™ by Kollvik is a full range of large scale fully computerised commercial composters – from small to medium on site plants (suitable for restaurants, shopping centre food courts and supermarkets) to large scale on site plants designed to service Councils, farming, agriculture, manufacturing centres and waste treatment plants.

Chipstar will work with clients to design turnkey systems – Environmental planning, design, installation and commissioning of the selected composting system. A fully planned process covering whole waste handling, separation, selection, shredding, loading and transformation ensures the desired result – safe mature compost - a valuable product and sustainable outcome where previously it was simply waste to landfill and adding to the atmosphere’s carbon loading.

The Biocomp™ range by Kollvik features:

  • Built in mixing and ventilation systems for the compostable material
  • Built in shredder
  • Improved overall ventilation systems
  • Fully automated operation – including loading and unloading options
  • Fully insulated, sealed enclosed composting tank
  • Online management system options – password protected
Model Population serviced Max. monthly capacity in litres Dimensions (L x W x H in mm) Weight (Kg)
BiocompTM1 Industrial composter 70 1600 3156/3882x2312x1874 1450
BiocompTM1 CM* Industrial composter 100 2200 4734/5460x2312x1874 1960
BiocompTM2 Industrial composter 90 2000 3786/4512x2312x1874 1850
BiocompTM2 CM Industrial composter 120 2600 5264/6090x2312x1874 2350
BiocompTM3 Industrial composter 105 2300 4078/4512x2312x1874 1870
BiocompTM3 CM* Industrial composter 135 2900 5656/6090x2312x1874 2420
BiocompTM4 Industrial composter 155 3510 5313/6012x2312x1874 2300
BiocompTM4 CM* Industrial composter 185 4100 6890/7590x2312x1874 2850
BiocompTM5 Industrial composter 175 3900 5591/6012x2312x1874 2327
BiocompTM5 CM* Industrial composter 205 4500 7169/7590x2312x1874 2877
BiocompTM12/40 Industrial composter 400 9000 7140x2900x2614 7200
BiocompTM15/45 Industrial composter 800 18000 7140x2900x2614 7200
BiocompTM20/80 Industrial composter 2250 50000 11240x3600x2950 16420
Data applies to food waste with a density of 0.6, 60% water content an an average of 0.75L of organic waste per person.
Higher capacity models available on request.

The Biocomp Composting systems by Kollvik are a revolution in waste management and disposal for the Australian market. This is a system that literally converts food waste, bio waste and agri waste into viable recycled rich usable compost where such material previously rotted in landfill anaerobically creating methane gases to leach into the atmosphere. Here we have a system that simply goes full circle from waste to productive compost – cutting costs such as transport, storage and disposal charges to landfill.

Biocomp Commercial Composting with Chipstar Australia – the future is now.